Neck Liposuction and Neck Lift (platysmaplasty)

Neck Liposuction

The neck often accumulates excess fat, and is referred to as a "Turkey Neck" deformity. These changes in the neck are often an embarressment to those who have them, causing them to appear older than they feel. These fat deposits and loose skin accentuate the look of the aging face.

We can perform neck liposuction based on the PureLipo™ BodySculpting technique for the neck to very specifically reduce fatty deposits using special microcannulas. The entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Skin tightening following this procedure is universal, and continues well over one year.

Platysmaplasty (Tightening of the Platsyma Muscle)

The platysma is a superficial muscle in your neck that helps support the area under the chin (known as the submental area). With aging, laxity of these muscles and accumulation of fat beneath them contribute to the development of significant sagging. With significant Turkey neck deformities, it may be necessary to tighten these muscles surgically to achieve an optimal result. This procedure is known as a platysmaplasty, or neck lift.

At Nouveau Jeunesse, Dr. Mark E. Johnson may perform this procedure in conjunction with the liposuction of your neck. You will know in advance if this will be needed. If so, following the tumescent liposuction of your neck, a small incision is made under the chin and the fat underneath the platysma (which cannot be removed with the liposuction) will be removed under direct visualization. Then the platysma muscles are sewn together in the middle starting just under your chin and then this is continued down to the base of your neck (called the corset technique). Sometimes this may involve cutting a small portion of excess muscle away in the middle of the neck. The sutures are long-lasting but absorbable, allowing healing to occur before being dissolved. The end result of this is a tightening of the platysma, providing a permanent sling-type support for the area under the chin.

What to expect after Neck Liposuction and Platysmaplasty

Both neck liposuction and platysmaplasty (neck lift) produce immediately noticeable improvement of the neck, but can take several months to heal completely. Swelling, bruising, and tingling sensations are quite normal following the procedures. Typically, there is very significant neck tightening and special exercises to help the skin return to normal will be explained to you during your post-operative follow up appointment. There may be some numbness or pain, replaced by itching or a burning sensation which usually lasts less than 3 months, but occasionally lasts a few months longer. It is the nerves which are healing during this period. Sleep in an elevated position for two weeks to help the swelling to subside. Normally patients can return to work after 3-7 days, and resume exercises and normal activites after three weeks.