G-SHOT - G-Spot Amplification System

The G-SHOT™ (clinical description: G-Spot Amplification™ or GSA™), is a simple, nonsurgical, physician-administered treatment that can temporarily augment the Grafenburg spot (G-Spot) in sexually active women with normal sexual function. GSA is a patent pending method of amplifying or augmenting the G-Spot with a FDA approve hyaluronan, it is carefully treated and preserved, and is then supplied to physicians in a form that can be injected. The FDA approved hyaluronan is a specially developed and processed high molecular weight hyaluronan which doesn't require pre-injection skin testing.

G-Spot Amplification was invented and developed by a gynecologist David Matlock, MD, MBA, FACOG.

In a pilot study, 87% of women surveyed after receiving the G-Shot reported enhanced sexual arousal/gratification. Results do vary.

The affect can last for up to 4 months, and does vary.


Before you try and schedule your first G-Shot™ treatment consultation, you probably have some questions, such as: How long will it take? How long will the results last? When can I resume sex?

Here's what you might expect at the doctor's office from the moment you arrive until your procedure is done. (Please note that although this experience is typical, the routine at your doctor's office may be different.)

The day of your appointment. Allow time before your appointment for filling out forms and for consulting with the doctor or a member of his or her staff. You may also be asked about your expectations for treatment and if you have any allergies or any condition that wouldn't make you a good candidate for the G-Shot.

Before the procedure. In the consultation process your doctor will educate you on the G-Spot and how to localize it. Your doctor will go over risks and complications verbally and he or she will give you written consent as well. It is important to the doctor that every patient is completely informed of the risks, complications and alternatives to the procedure (please see risk and complications). You will then go into the examination room alone and perform a self examination based upon the doctor's instructions and after you are comfortable with the localization of the G-Spot you will notify the assistant and they will come in to start the procedure.

The procedure. You will be positioned on the examination table as if you are getting a PAP smear and the doctor will do a pelvic exam and measurement of the G-Spot based upon your direction. He will transfer this measurement to a ruler and then a special speculum. The speculum, which has the location of the G-Spot on it, will then be inserted into the vagina and then a small needle will be used to deliver a small amount of local anesthetic in the area of the G-Spot. Then the high molecular weight hyaluronan will be injected. After this a tampon is placed (the tampon is to be removed in 4 hours). The entire G-Shot™ injection procedure takes approximately 10 minutes.

After the procedure. There's no recovery time needed. You're ready to get on with your day! The most common side effect following injection includes scant bleeding from the needle injection site.

Results. Within 4 hours you can resume normal sexual activity. Results can last up to 4 months. Results do vary.


The G-Spot is an area of sensitive tissue located behind the pubic bone and around the urethra. It can be massaged or stimulated by reaching up about two finger joints distance on the upper surface of the vagina. The area may be located by massaging (with your finger) the wall of the vagina between the pubic bone and the cervix. It is often necessary to press firmly into the area to reach the spot. If already aroused, some women (about 87%) will find that stimulation of this area leads to an intense orgasm.

THE G-SHOT™ will enlarge the G-spot so it is easier to locate and may help enhance sexual arousal and gratification.

G-Spot Amplification™ uses a natural material (hyaluronic acid) which naturally amplifies and elevates the G-Spot, resulting in more contact and activation of this sensitive area. Thus, bringing the woman more in tune with her sensuality (drawings not to scale).