FaceLift with Stem Cell-Augmented Fat Transfer

Part of the aging process involves loss of volume in the face, resulting in sagging skin and deep lines. The solution is to replace that volume. Most medspas offer this service with dermal fillers such as Radiesse™, Juvederm™, and similar products. These products last anywhere from 6-18 months, and then need to be re-injected. However, it is now possible to permanently augment your cheeks and restore the youthful contours to your face using your own fat !! Few places offer this service, which provides a long term solution and can be much more cost effective than repeated yearly injections of dermal filler.

At Nouveau Jeunesse, we are one of an elite few places that use microinjection techniques to transfer fat to the face. As is typical of these procedures, two to three separate transfers may be needed in order to complete the volumization of your face. These results produce a better appearance than a face lift and are more long lasting than dermal fillers. Compared to the expense of fillers over a several year period, it is an inexpensive alternative.

We utilize a combination of proven techniques when transferring fat for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Roger Amar developed the strict anatomic program for facial rejuvenation with fat known as FAMI, or Fat Autologous Muscle Injection. Dr. Samuel Lam developed Complementary Fat Grafting, with its multilevel injection technique and volumetric foundation paradigm. We utilize elements of both of these techniques with excellent results. The procedure itself is done under local anesthetic using very small microcannulas to precisely place the fat in the proper location at the proper tissue depth, and usually takes less than 2 hours depending on the amount of fat to transferred and the number of sites being treated.