Natural Breast Reconstruction

Natural Breast Reconstruction is performed by using BREASTPURE™ natural breast augmentation techniques and the BRAVA™ system invented by Dr. Roger Khouri (also known as the MIAMI technique). Dr. Mark E. Johnson has learned the important aspects of this technique directly from Dr. Khouri.

This is a multistep technique that can transform a post-mastectomy scar into a natural-appearing and feeling breast. The patient wears the BRAVA™ device, similar to a brassiere that suctions the breast defect area and stretches the tissues. This creates an adequate matrix in which is subsequently injected with your own fat. The fat is gently removed from the patient and immediately injected into the prepared site. After undergoing a few procedures, the breasts are reconstructed. The procedure is done as outpatient under local anesthesia and sedation and has minimal recovery time. As compared to the traditional methods, it involves no incisions, no new scars, no foreign objects and it recreates a natural feeling breast.

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