BREASTPURE™ Natural Breast Enhancement Using Stem Cell-Augmented Fat Transplantation

Fat transfer to the breast now provides a natural solution for those seeking to augment their breast size or improve their breast contour! This natural augmentation technique is an excellent alternative for patients who desire the breast to feel natural and look natural. This provides a structure and shape to the breast that cannot be achieved with implants alone or with other types of surgery. With no scarring of the breasts and the natural movement and feel, no one will ever know you had breast augmentation!

BREASTPURE™ Natural Breast Enhancement is a minimally invasive procedure that is done while patient is awake with only local anesthesia. This is not only safer for the patient, but allows the patient to participate in the final breast reshaping before the procedure is complete. In the skilled hands of Dr. Mark Johnson, BREASTPURE™ Natural Breast Enhancement using transfer of your own stem cell-augmented fat is an excellent option for patients desiring aesthetic breast augmentation with a more natural look and feel, correction of breast asymmetry, correction of breast deformities and defects, and for soft tissue coverage of breast implants. Precise liposuction of the breast, usually the part near the armpit that hangs over your bra, further enhances the new shape of the breasts.

Previous concerns about breast augmentation with fat transfer, including unpredictable or low survival rates of the transferred cells, have been optimized and corrected using BREASTPURE™ Natural Breast Enhancement, primarily because of the gentle liposuction technique we utilize and the addition of stem cells to the transferred fat. Using Stem Cell-Augmented Fat Transplantation, development of cysts, calcification and tissue irregularities appears overstated in concerns stated in the past. Furthermore, scientific evidence strongly suuports this, as demonstrated recently with the publication of a position paper in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery which states "The risks associated with fat grafting procedures may actually be lower than for other types of surgery" and "Fat grafting can be considered a safe method of augmentation and correction of defects associated with various medical conditions". It further goes on to state "...there appears to be no interference with breast cancer detection...".

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