Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies

Dear Dr. Johnson,

I had several sports related injuries to my shoulder, ankle, and Achilles tendon that wouldn't heal and were causing constant pain. Every time I tried to participate in sports or exercise at the gym my pain flared up even worse! I was seen by you and your staff at Nouveau Jeunesse to see if stem cells would improve my injuries. I received PRP injections to all three areas that hurt and within 2 weeks my daily pain was gone! I have since been playing sports and can now throw the ball and run without the pain that had been bothering me for months. I would highly recommend these injection treatments to anyone living with pain from an old injury!

Name withheld by request

Dear Dr. Johnson and Aaron,

I have been an active weightlifter all my life and really enjoyed benching heavy weights. The last few years my left shoulder had become so sore and achy after benching that I had given it up and switched to just flies. You diagnosed the problem as being in the A-C joint and recommended PRP injections. Aaron did a fantastic job with the injection! After 3 weeks, I am benching heavy again WITHOUT PAIN! I only wish I knew about this treatment sooner! Thank you for all your excellent help.

Benching Again at 50


Dear Dr. Johnson,

Yourself and the entire team has been a success in me pulling my life back together after a tragic divorce and feelings of self-worthlessness. The total contribution to my life and your efforts in helping me get my figure back, my skin looking healthy, longer eyelashes, the hormone influence and my iron deficiencies have made me a totally new woman.

You are indeed very insightful. The understanding of the woman as a whole person that you truly embrace is so remarkable. My dearest Dr. Johnson, while you have a true gift of understanding that the physical appearance is so important to a woman, you are also able to see beneath the surface.

Luv you guys and Thank you!

Looking and Feeling 32 all over again!

Facial Rejuvenation

Dear Dr. Johnson and Aaron,

I came to Nouveau Jeunesse to inquire about fuller lips. Six years prior, I went to a local doctor here in the Tri-Cities who injectes a product into my lips that actually caused a "beading" process to happen. I have since started and continued to bite my lips from time to time. Dr. Johnson recommended that I have the beads removed from lips prior to inserting anything else into my lips. That was for the most part successful, however, during the past six years, so much scar tissue had formed around the beads that all of it could not be completely removed.

Now that my lips are done, the beads are no longer noticeable. I no longer have to bite my lips. My lips now look very natural and more even. I am very happy with the way they look and I have received a lot of compliments from family and friends. I would highly recommend the services of Nouveau Jeunesse to any one interested.

Shannon L.

Hair Removal

I have had 5 laser hair removal treatments on what I used to call my "beard". I am a female aged 28 and I have always had to shave or wax my chin and frequently

would find myself out in public and notice I’d missed one! After my first treatment with Aaron Johnson I saw a remarkable difference. I was so impressed with the results that on my third visit I started treatments on my upper lip and cheeks (my "sideburns").

I have now had 5 treatments on my chin and I have not had to shave since the 3rd one. The laser feels like someone pinches you real quick and the pain is gone after a second or two. It’s less painful than waxing and it’s permanent. Afterwards my skin is a bit pink but that goes away in an hour or two. All the staff I’ve met have been friendly and helpful. I always feel comfortable asking questions or scheduling appointments. Aaron Johnson is friendly and very knowledgeable about the treatment. I thought I would be embarrassed getting facial hair removal from a man but from the very first appointment I felt at ease. He is good about communicating during the treatments so I know what’s going on and he is able to fine tune the laser to get the best results. I really like that he never tries to “sell” me on treatments or products, even though they offer a large variety of treatments other than hair removal. Recently I started scar removal treatments from Aaron Johnson and am pleased with the results so far. He has come up with a treatment plan for me and always patiently answers my questions and explains how the treatment works. I have already recommended Nouveau Jeunesse to a few people and will definitely continue. I have been more than satisfied with the service and value for money they offer.

Katie Newman

PURELIPO and Weight Loss

Have you ever been afraid to go somewhere because you are just "too fat"? Have you ever been walking in a public place and someone proceeds to "moo" at you? Have you ever been in line at the store and the little boy in front of you says to his mom: "Mommy, look at the fat lady"? Of course, his mommy tries to apologize for his actions and you try to make it all better by telling her it's ok. don't worry about it. Deep inside, it's not o.k.,because it hurts deeply. How do we cope with the hurt? Usually go get something to eat to make us feel better, but it really doesn't. We know we need to shed all those extra pounds, but it is so difficult.

I didn't fight a weight problem until college. I was very active growing up, worked hard, got good grades and participated in sports. When I got to college, I was playing on the basketball team, got pushed and tore up my knee pretty bad. I had major surgery on it and this ended my basketball days. While walking across campus on my crutches, somehow I stepped in a hole, fell, broke my other leg and re injured my knee. Well, I ended up in a wheel chair for 6 months during recovery and the weight just piled on. I have been fighting the problem since then.

I have tried many diets and each one failed over and over. Seemed like the more I tried, the heavier I got. I think I have lost about 1,000 pounds over the years, but it's the same 20 to 30 pounds ALL the time!! I finally got tired of losing those same 20 to 30 pounds over and over again.

Many years I have been overweight, clear up to a whopping 310 pounds. I decided I was tired of being tired, tired of getting winded, tired of not going places or doing things all because I was too fat. My knees hurt and my feet hurt all the time. I couldn't walk very far at all without stopping to rest.

I saw an ad in the paper about Nouveau Jeunesse and decided to call to see what this was all about. I was given a time to come in for a consultation. I am so glad I did. I met with Dr. Mark Johnson and shared with him my concerns about my health. He agreed that I needed to do something if I wanted to enjoy life more. He was so concerned for me and wanting to help me. I was so impressed with how he really cares. It wasn't just about him getting another job to do, it was genuine care and compassion. He took the time to explain everything to me and answered any questions I had. Next thing I knew, I was set up for his surgery.

What a difference it has made in my life. I am a changed person. I had to decide if I was ready to make a sacrifice on all the foods I dearly loved that helped me get to 310 pounds. I was mentally ready and Dr. Mark has helped me all the way along with Dr. Aaron Johnson there too rooting me on. Ginnette has been a great help to me as well. She is always very happy when I come in and praises my progress. She's as happy as I am to get this weight off.The surgery really wasn't very painful, but there was a little pain and discomfort as is expected with any surgery. As I recovered, the pounds started coming off as I learned how to eat properly for my health. If I had any questions, I could call at any time and get answers.

Every time I have an appointment with either Dr. Mark or Dr. Aaron, they are so proud of me and my progress.They do not just see me, then I'm gone. They take the time to talk with me, weigh me, answer questions, listen to my concerns and discuss them with me. I am never rushed to get out. I can honestly say that I haven't ever had any doctor care for me and my progress like these guys do here. They are absolutely wonderful.

I had my surgery on July 17. 2009. Today is October, 21, 2009 and I have now lost 71 pounds. I feel great. I can do things I never thought possible. I can now shop at Walmart to get clothes instead of the "FAT GIRLS" store. I am down 5 sizes and am enjoying life like never before. My energy level is so high, I can hardly keep up with myself!! My knees and feet don't hurt and I can take the stairs now and walk forever!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend anyone struggling with life because of weight,do something for yourself. Get it done and start enjoying life as I have done.

These doctors really have a passion for their patients and won't let you down. But remember, you have to be ready to discipline yourself and learn how to eat properly to keep it off. You have to make the decision to take care of yourself and do the right things to keep it off.

I am not done yet. I still have many more pounds to lose. But so far, the people I see always tell me how great I look. I love the positive comments and I haven't been "mooed" at since I lost my weight!!

Thank you Dr. Mark Johnson, Dr. Aaron Johnson, Ginette and Sherilyn for helping me get through this and for continuing to support me and help me continue to reach my goal as I keep losing the weight.

Life is too short to cut your own life short because of your weight. I am a changed person, my life has changed and I AM HAPPY ABOUT MYSELF for the first time in years. Life is indeed good. I intend to enjoy it to the fullest, now that I can.

Vickie W.

If someone were to ask me if I would have this procedure done again, I would tell them without any hesitation I would. Like many women I know, I struggle with body image, especially after having had two children. Not only would it affect everything I would do, but it was also affecting my relationships with my husband and children. I hated going out. Finding something to fit to go out was a chore. I would just give up and stay home while my husband and children had fun without me. It was a vicious cycle. I wanted to feel beautiful and sexy. I wanted to be that active mom my kids wanted and deserved. Something had to change, and that’s why I decided to have liposculpture done.

I was amazed how welcome and comfortable I felt at Nouveau Jeunesse. I had no doubt they wanted the very best outcome for me. Now only a couple of months after my procedure, I feel wonderful. I feel like my kids and my husband have their mom and wife back. Most importantly, I feel I’ve gotten my self-confidence and my life back. I feel more comfortable in my clothes. Sitting is more comfortable. Without the excess weight around my midsection simple things like bending, lifting, and walking are so much easier to do. When I leave my house, my body image is not the first thing on my mind. I think about enjoying my life. I am so very grateful I did something for myself to improve my quality of life.

I want to thank everyone at Nouveau Jeunesse, especially Dr. Johnson for the level of care they provided me before, during, and after my procedure. All my questions were answered. Everyone made me feel at ease every time I entered your office. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my family.


My name is Jennifer. I am a 42 year old mother and Business Administration College student. I will soon be back in the work force for a career in marketing and truly believe it is important to look and feel my best in order to successfully attract positive business and personal opportunities. Prior to meeting Dr. Johnson, I spent considerable amount of time researching the other providers in the Tri-Cities and I chose Nouveau Jeunesse because all the procedures are performed by experienced actual medical providers and they all provide a superior, cost effective menu of services.

I have been a patient of Dr. Mark Johnson since last year. Dr. Johnson has provided me with an economical course of treatments to meet my own personal goal to look and feel beautiful and ultimately more confident about my personal appearance. Before seeing Dr. Johnson I had sun and acne scars that I hid under makeup and my hair. Today I proudly pull my hair back and am totally amazed at the difference the treatments have made in the condition of my skin. I have had facial peels, botox, PureLipo Body Sculpture, Synergie, and Juvederm treatments. Every penny I have spent has been worth it. My results from PureBody LipoScuplture are amazing and were more than I was told to expect. Even though it’s been only one month since the procedure (the actual results take four months), I am very excited and happy with my new body and its contour. My new Buttock is nice and firm, my friends and family continually comment on the positive changes in my appearance.

I would not hesitate to recommend any of the medical professionals at Nouveau Jeunesse. My experience has been very positive and I look and feel like I was 21 again!